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The constant challenges and sometimes strife affecting lesbians due to affairs, gossip, etc.
"That damn Glo punched Kate at the bar, like she doesnt have enough dyke drama!"
by No money G November 24, 2004
To get on some who is overweight or more basically, have sex with a fat person.
"That fat dude over there bought me this drink and I may get drunk but all I know is I aint goin hoggin'!!"
by No Money G June 29, 2004
A gay man usually of hispanic origin
"Look at those cha cha queens over there at the bar, can they be any more ethnic?"
by No Money G June 29, 2004
Any gay man(usually black) of lower income or living in an impovershed area.
Those goddamn ghetto queens downstairs had the stereo on all nite and I couldnt sleep
by No Money G June 29, 2004
Slang - Often regional to Denver used to describe a type of Mexican National inhabiting the area - know as Rancheros.
"We went out to the club and all the chedders were doing the cumbia"
by No Money G June 29, 2004
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