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Blue Falcon
(noun) (Pejorative)
1. One who does not help his/her fellow soldier, and or one who intentionally gets another soldier in trouble. 2a person who has put other friends family soldiers and or country in harm's way or a potential negative result situation.
synonym: "buddy fucker," "Bravo Foxtrot" is also used and has the same meaning.
This phrase is a fine example of a Minced Oath an expression that is spoken that resembles a profanity and has subsequently removed the untoward harshness of the original expression.
Mike didn't get selected for a promotion so instead of aspiring to do better and work harder to get the position he tried to humiliate his boss Gene, who was his friend at the time, in public to Genes Bosses so that Gene would get fired and be replaced by someone more friendly to Mike.
Mike is a True Blue Falcon.

Some other examples of a minced oath TV show Battlestar Galactica uses the work frack instead of fuck.

Have you ever wondered why so many phrases of surprise start with a G? e.g. Minced Oath
old phrases:
Cheese 'n' crackers got all muddy (Jesus Christ, God All mighty)
Good grief = Good God
Gosh darned = God damned
Golly = God
Great Googly Moogly = Good God and Mother

by No Klue April 06, 2007

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