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When a professional equity options trader is forced to buy back a short stock position (called a Buy-In) that hedges a long delta options position and the stock opens higher the next day.
You go out short 10000 shares of EET against a long 10000 delta options position. Overnight you are forced to buy back your shares at $40. The next day the stock opens at $42. You have just made $20000, hence the term Buy-Win.
#buy-in #stocks #trading #options #finance
by No It Po July 15, 2009
Rosé wine made from the blended method where red wine is added to white wine to make it look like rosé.
Who brought this rosé? It's total crap, clearly a fausé.
#wine #plonk #rose #rosé #provence
by No It Po August 19, 2009
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