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A site full of freakin posers and mods who don't give a damn anymore and lock posts for fun.


Everyones username is Enlightened Intoxication or "Come Back Time"

WTF. Be freakin original or get the hell off. You can't even go to Non-goSupermodel without seeing some stupid "scene" username.

All the posers are the same. "I'm miley." DUDE. There are 50,000,000 freakin miley cyrus's on there. If your going to pose do it gosh damn right or shut the hell up.

All the models are posing as some other person most of the time.


Whats to say about the mods? They suck. Half never go online and I bet 5 of them are actually 11 years old sitting there and timing out models. They try and protect the little kids on here.

WTF? All the little kids on here are not 1. They know what we talk about. I doubt there are little kids on there, they just do it for fun to lock posts.

The MOD patrol comes along editing posts for no gosh damn reason. Some of them lock the good posts and never seem to lock the bad posts. Hmmmm... are they making it safer or worse?

The new mini-mods. The old mini-mods can't be a mentor cause their too gosh damn lazy to get to commercial model.

Once they get their smiley their an effin mod and take it seriously. Half of them just sit there and feed the wrong information to noobs.

Are getting more stuck up every second

Top Models:
The newest newbies

Commercial Models:
Are stupider than ever

Catalogue Models:
Don't get me started.

the best


They can't even discuss miley cyrus without cursing, calling names, fighting, without using the "i'm opinionated line."

They bash someone because they think their perfect? That means they have High Confidence and high self esteem. But no, we all have to be all like

Seriously, just because they have high confidence doesn't mean
"gang up on her and make her not have any left."

Everyone hangs around the non-gosupermodel forum just to annoy.


All of them have the same pics, same names, same personality, same REAL names and all attract to JB rps.


All stalker stories, JB storys, stupid storys and such short stories it's not even funny.

Gosh Damn clique clubs. Nothing new. Half the alphas don't know Hawt from hot and don't know their alphabet. Only think you have to have 1 enemy and wear designer clothes to be one. The Betas are fuckin stupid enough to even follow them. They are gosh damn brainwashed.

Is effin slow when it comes to news. Atleast shes faster in the mind then all the other effin goSupermodels.

all look the fucking same.

None of them can spell Grammar. much yet can they think for themselves

This stupid girl who I shall not name thinks it's fun to have '' in your username and say "I dont like attention" when all they do is crave attention. Has her friends for are minions follow her around and "LOL" at everything she says which isn't gosh damn funny.

Everyone laughs at everything.

Half of the people on the goSupermodels list probably hacked the system.

Everyone is getting hacked because they gave out their gosh damn password.

The mods sticky the fucking stupid posts when we have 500.
I'm addicted to the site though. Why? BEcause it's fun to cause Chaos Panic and Destruction.

My work here is done
The best site ever, not:

Person 1: how do u become a mod?
mod: *locks*

Person 2: *gives out password*
Hacker: *hacks*
Admin: *TRYS to be funny in one of her news posts*

Sorry Admin, it doesn't work. >=]
stupid gosupermodel
by No, You'll Report Me. -_- August 15, 2008

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