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to take a break from dating
"I totally want to set you up with that cute guy from the gym with the care bear tattoo."

"No can do, I'm taking a hidatus, remember?"

"Oh, right, sorry. Well, he might be gay anyway."
by No, I'm the Original Sabs November 28, 2007
a relationship you have for years, from which you get no particular enjoyment, but are unable to terminate in light of the history you both share
"I have to have dinner with Roxanne tonight. <groan>"
"Dude, you're always bitching about her, why do you even still speak?"
"It's a legacy relationshit, I've been friends with her since grade school."
by No, I'm The Original Sabs January 05, 2009
Someone who does nothing but sit at the computer and obsess over his/her blog day in and day out.
"Hey, Kenny Bloggins, have you gotten up from that chair to eat, sleep, or shit in the last 3 days?"
"I don't need to eat, sleep, or shit. I'm blogging. Now vamoose."
by No, I'm the Original Sabs January 16, 2009
One who cannot stop him/herself from being an asshole and indulging in general douchebaggery.
Hot Girl 1: Oliver was being a Jerkoffsky again today.
Why is he such a condescending prick?

Hot Girl 2: Dude, he's an assaholeic, he just can't help it. It's a disease.

Hot Girl 1: Damn, is there a cure?

Hot Girl 2: Poss death, but it's still uncertain.
by No, I'm the Original Sabs May 01, 2008
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