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Along with the Offspring, one of the last real punk bands cause Blink 182 isn't punk. It isn't even rock.
I'm a metalhead and still believe this.
by no one September 15, 2004
Naarg its either what u say if somethin goes rong or just as a replacement fr ne random word u cnt think of at the time
oh naarg my board is broken?? yeh thatl do
by no one August 28, 2004
a cooch thats been beat on and had been cumed in many times over
damn after he was done with her, she had sucha toilet bowl
by no one May 07, 2005
n. an interesting person usually interesting for outlandish or uncommon reasons such as an unusual sense of humor or taste in extravagence
You are such a cad!!!
by no one July 21, 2004
The animal a therian/were is connected to.
my phenotype is a leopard.
by No one May 30, 2003
A burning sensation while urinating.
When I go to the bathroom, man, I'm just burninating.
by no one January 24, 2003
a mix of all the bad things
the simpsons family
by no one March 07, 2005

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