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The real reason you are here.
Even though you may not know it yet.
by Nny November 15, 2003
"Electronic Body Musik"
I'm not entirely sure of the literal meaning, but refers to the large genre of electronic music including industrial and synthpop.
Apoptygma Berzerk, Front 242, Funker Vogt, VNV Nation, etc..
by Nny January 10, 2005
1.a phrase or exclamation used when expressing extreme: joy, saddness, anger, hunger, fructose intolerance.

2.can be used in form of breaking an akward silence, or annoying the piss out of people.

3.a definitive for "love"


3. Ka-Blidgen-Blarbble
by Nny March 20, 2004
A poser hackor that most likely uses a Windows OS computer and thinks by cheating at games he is somehow eleet. Everyone knows a real hacker uses Macintosh/Apple computers.
yer a dumb noob, i am a kewl haxor.
(ie I use AOL and Windows)
by NNY July 28, 2004

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