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The practise of police officers driving a person, usually an Aboriginal man/youth to the outskirts of town during the night, and often during winter, and leaving them there to walk back to town. These individuals are often beaten en route, and many have died as result of this phenomenon.
Neil Stonechild, an Native youth froze to death in 1990, after being taken on a 'starlight tour' by two Saskatoon police officers.
by Nnn E December 20, 2006
When a person has been placed in the back of a police cruiser, the police officer driving will slam on the breaks suddenly, causing the person handcuffed in the back seat to crash into the metal screen dividing the car. An act of police brutality.
Person 1: "What happened to your face?"
Person 2: "Those officers that picked me up last night gave me a screen test."
by Nnn E December 20, 2006
The praise one offers to something, be it food, music, a person, or otherwise when high.
Person 1: "Last night, while high, I told anyone who would listen about what a great, complex and genius band Foreigner was."

Person 2: "Whoa, talk about high praise."
by Nnn E December 20, 2006

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