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honda civic with no payments left on it bought by second owner who then tints the windows and puts a spoiler and fart cans.
Generally speaking, the owner
1.places decals on every visible surface.
2.Puts on clear altezza tail lamps just in case people didn't realize they are a ricer, not a nizzle!
3.Installs tailpipes aka fart pipes mimicking the sound of a geriatric patient with rectal prolapse.
4.may put neon lights on or under car
5.puts a stereo in which makes the cheap plastic add-on components rattle like a can being kicked down the street.
6.the owner may put a spoiler on the Civic so as to have more surface area upon which to place stickers, and to make sure the cops know there's weed in the car.
7.Ricers show their spirit by neutral -dropping their 150,000 plus mileage vehicles at the stoplight only to be subjected to total ownage by SUV's pulling large boats.
*Ricers are common in New Jersey now due to the fact that they stopped making Camaros
*Ricers are the more annoying of supspecies of neanderthal that put aftermarket rims and ghetto fabulous shizzle on their transportizzle.

The Queer Eye guys came today and trashed Joey's Furniture, Clothes, and his ricer. Maybe now he'll get a job and possibly even get laid!

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