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Acronym used in texting for "Be Home Soon".
Wife's text: Where the fuck r u??!!
Husband's reply text: Buying you flowers. BHS :)
Wife's text: WTF??? It's 3 AM
Husband's text: Fine, I'm not buying you flowers. Actually, I'm in the drunk tank.
by Nitrolian December 15, 2013
The act of getting stoned on Vicodin. The state of mind when one is stoned or high on Vicodin.
Mick: "Dude, did you see Jeff at the staff meeting this afternoon? He seemed totally stoned. Think he went out and smoked a doobie at lunch?"
Dean: No, man...He just had back surgery last week. He went on a Vike Ride after the operation and has been out of it for the last six days.
by Nitrolian June 27, 2013
A plain-looking or unattractive woman who has chosen a professional career path rather than marrying, bearing children, and raising a family. Often times these women resent men, and often abuse their limited authority and influence in the workplace.
Mick: I just had my annual review with Jennifer. She thinks I don't have my shit together. I didn't get even a 1% raise...
Dean: I just had mine with Kevin. He said I don't have my shit together either, but we laughed about it, and he gave me a 6% raise anyway. That Jennifer is such a fucking Career Bruno....I'm glad I don't work for her anymore!
by Nitrolian June 05, 2013
SBBT is an acronym that stands for "Small Back Big Tits". This acronym is reserved to describe a comely young lady who is slender and small-boned, yet has very beautiful and prominent breasts. Women that have the acronym SBBT bestowed on them are of exceptional beauty, and the term is used with the utmost respect and admiration.
Dean: "Dude, check out the hottie sitting in the aisle seat in the fifth row...I'm gonna pretend I have to use the rest room at the front of the plane so I can walk by her for a closer look."
Mick: "Oh my God, Bro...check out those knockers and that tiny 19-inch waist of hers...she's the epitome of an SBBT."
Dean: "No shit, Sherlock. I saw her first...I'm makin' my move."
by Nitrolian November 08, 2013
Beat the living shit out of someone for a very minor or insignificant reason. Displaying the senseless and violent behavior emulating the character "Tuco" from the "Breaking Bad" TV series.
Mick: Hey asshole! Where's that five bucks you owe me?
Dean: I'll pay you next time I see you.
Mick: Damn straight you will....don't make me have to go Tuco on you!
by Nitrolian February 21, 2014
A wet spot prominently visible at or near the crotch of a male's pants caused by an incomplete urination. This phenomenon is typically noticed by the afflicted individual right before entering a full conference room, classroom, or any other public place. The only way to save face for the afflicted individual is to hide or obscure the line of sight to the problematic spot with a notebook, magazine, briefcase, etc.
As he entered his philosophy classroom, Kevin noticed several students in the room grinning and snickering. Upon looking down he noticed the obvious case of Stoner's Drip displayed on his khakis.
by Nitrolian February 27, 2014
1. A condition where no wife gets what she expected, and no husband expected what he was getting.

2. the process of finding out the kind of guy your wife would have preferred.
3. In America, the only legal method of suppressing freedom of speech.
Damn, marriage sucks. I can't act like a man anymore.
by Nitrolian May 21, 2015

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