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The ultimate quintessence of Manliness. Imagine an epic battle between ravaging lumberjacks, aggravated pirates, diseased warrior pigeons, zombie Hockey-Bears, etc. Now multiply that clusterfuck by the value of "Ninjasaurus Rex" and apply the aftermath of the situation to a man's face. What do you get? The vehement forest of unkempt hair known as the beard.

Scruff Rugged is used as an adjective when describing a man's testosterone-induced, chaotically intense facial hair.
"Oh my God that man's face is being savagely mauled by a mutant Bear-fiend!"

"Haha, silly douche, that man's simply scruff rugged!"
by Nitro Wonder March 22, 2010
A portmanteau of Christmas and masculine used to describe something both festive and manly.
Gregory: Hey Jim, what word best describes a kickass, cut Santa who exterminates the naughty and ornaments his sleigh with their skulls?

Jim: Christmasculine.

Gregory: Wow, that's so creative! An Urban Dictionary Editor would have to be a puss puss who listens to butt-rock to reject that!

Jim: Agreed.
by Nitro Wonder December 25, 2009
The amalgam of a hurricane and an ignited BP oil spill. You know, a burnicane.
Upon firing a flaming arrow into the oil enriched hurricane, the adventurer had transformed the hurricane into a burnicane, thus giving the natural disaster the edge it needed to effectively wipe out the tranarachnid invasion. The world was saved and the degree of collateral damage astronomical.
by Nitro Wonder June 05, 2010
Fear of transsexual, mutant spiders.
John Doe's fear of tranarachnids was vehemently exacerbated whilst he was butt-raped by a tranarachnid. John Doe has tranarachnophobia.
by Nitro Wonder June 05, 2010

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