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A lame comeback involving the reversing of the same exact detail on it's creator, with very less impact.
Punk1: "You're a sad fuck."
Punk2: "no, YOU're a sad fuck."
Punk1 (wiser): "You're just an easy cannon turn-around machine".
by Nitedoosh December 03, 2010
A very stimulating activity of discontinuously throttling a (preferably) powerful motorcycle to produce an imaginable sensation of impending momentum as the drive chain repeatedly goes into and comes out of slack while the motorcycle hurls itself down a (preferably) steep road.
Adam: Tomorrow's all about shedding the inhibitions of 98 horses! Gunning!

Nitin: Sounds lame unless you're talking naked bikes or supermotards.
by NiteDoosh April 30, 2011
The usage of 'thats only' has the exact same effect of the phrase, 'so to speak', but with a humorous hint to it.
Man1: "I'm going to take a spin, thats only, on the ol' hypermotard".

Translation: "I'm going to take a spin, so to speak, on the ol' hypermotard".

Man2: "Are you, thats only, the master of your domain?"

Translation: "Are you, so to speak, the master of your domain?"
by Nitedoosh December 21, 2010
Programmer lingo translated to and used in English. This is used to replace the article 'the' in the sense of 'the one and only'.

It is most widely used in Object Oriented Programming to refer to fundamental parameters, objects etc but has now been adopted to suit the English speaker's needs.
Dude1: "Dude do you have Seinfeld on your hdd?"
Dude2: "Seinfeld?"
Dude1: "You know, _root.seinfeld"
Dude1: "Of course. Excuse me, i'm a bit slow today. My fuckin shampoo slows me down..."
by Nitedoosh December 21, 2010
A peculiar word which replaces "doesn't" and "don't" exceptionally well simultaneously.
1.) I dunt mind as long as it dunt explode, y'all dunt care anyway. Cunts.

2.) My dad dunt mind buying a good bike, so there.
by Nitedoosh January 16, 2011

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