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Shandi's have very big guarded hearts. They take a minute to open up but if you are lucky enough to see them do it, you are a very lucky person. They are the best people you can meet. No matter what they are there for you. They are so funny and beautiful.. Being around a Shandi makes you want to be a better person.

They are amazing big sisters and if you don't have a Shandi as a big sister.. Prolly adopt one. They will never let anything happen to you and will always be there for you. You never know a love so strong as you do when you are love by a Shandi sister.

Do NOT make a Shandi mad.. The temper they have is like something not of this world! Godzilla runs!!! Short fuses and the bite is bigger than her bark!
Girl 1- Im gonna beat that girls ass!
Girl 2- Don't! Her sister is Shandi

Girl 1- She gets so mad!!
Girl 2- Well yeah! She's a Shandi.. Idiot...
by Nite Hawk March 12, 2010

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