2 definitions by Nisstyre I. Bloodstoner

1. An ancient text based game.

2. A major city located on a planet called Toril from the roleplaying world of the Forgotten Realms.

3. A christian rock band.
In the city of Waterdeep lies the tower of Blackstaff, a mystical tower that appears to have no doors or windows, but this is only an illusion.
by Nisstyre I. Bloodstoner May 17, 2005
1. The villian of Final Fantasy 7, seen by many as the greatest of all evils.

2. In the Kabbalah, a series of writings with rabbinical origins, it describes that reality is composed of 10 dimensions, described in the writings as the Ten Sephiroth.
The fate of the planet was in Sephiroth's hands.
by Nisstyre I. Bloodstoner May 17, 2005

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