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A car driven by a South Asian, typically 15-20, older Pakis tend to be fat with flip flops. Typically these cars consist of Honda Accord, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. Each of these cars tend to have clear (also known as euro, altezza) tailights, and if you are lucky, you will see an actual muffler on one, not the stock OEM muffler with "speed holes" drilled into it. 99% of these car's tend to be a sedan (4 door) so they can shove there parents, wife, kids, grand parents, cousin, cousins father, and cousins best friend in the back seat. The front seat is for their landlord, and his family aswell. These cars tend to come in colours that range from electric to powder blue. Also, them being brown compliments the white PVC (plastic) leather in their car. If they are wealthy, it will have there initials stiched to the head rest. Engine wise, Paki's dont no past 1.5 DX motor, only a few are equipped with the knowledge of the legend of the B16 (1.6 V-tec). And who can forget the body kits, that look like a peice of fibreglass that went through the war in Iraq.
Go to Jacksons and look at all the Paki cars.
by Nissan Man August 31, 2007

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