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Refers to names to call people you hate.
So the other day this jackoff called me "hoss," Cheif," "Bossman," and other nameledouche all day long, i dont know what i did to piss him off so much!?
by NismoG April 02, 2009
Name used as a sneaky, low-life way of letting someone know you are better than them, or that you really just dont give a shit what their name is, whether you know it or not. Other nameledouche for "bossman" are hoss, cheif, ace, slick, boss, broskie etc. Often these terms are used by "bros," douchebags, and guidos.
Dude: "bartender can i have two beers please"
Guido: "yea, here you go bossman"
Dude: "Fuck you douchebag"
Guido: "Sorry chief, is there a problem?"
Dude: "yea there's a problem, you know my name cause you just checked my ID, and it's not bossman or cheif! asshole!"
Guido: "oh my bad hoss"
Dude: "dammit you really are a moron"
by NismoG April 02, 2009

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