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A small platform above a staircase in a house, or any other tiny, inaccessable room.
Pedro couldn't afford the rundown 1-bedroom apartment in the ghetto, so he rented out the Mexican apartment above the Jones' staircase for ten dollars a month.
by Nirvana_Girl May 15, 2011
When someone has sex with somebody else while sleepwalking, and usually doesn't even know that they did it.
Dude, John slept over my house last night, and he gave it to me up the ass at 1 a.m. while muttering something about trees!
Ahh, so he had sleepwalk sex with you?
by Nirvana_Girl July 26, 2011
An immeasurable amount of something...Similar to saying "umpteen", but with more anger or frustration.
I told you for the fuckteenth time, Outlet Runner doesn't suck!
by Nirvana_Girl October 21, 2011
When one man proceeds to give another man (usually his gay boyfriend) a blowjob, but smears cake frosting all over the recipient's penis and licks it off. Sometimes the frosting mixes with the recipient's cum.
Dude, I gave Bobby a lovely Cupcake Charlie last night. I used vanilla frosting on his cock, and then he jizzed in my mouth and it tasted really good!
Lovely. Was it any better than the time Johnny sleepwalked into your room and fucked you up the ass?
Actually, yes.
by Nirvana_Girl August 11, 2011

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