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Spoonerism of "Wolf Gang," part of the name of the hip hop collective "Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All" (OFWGKTA), usually referred to simply as Odd Future. Often used in lyrics by Odd Future member Tyler the Creator
"Golf Wang hooligans, is fucking up the school again,

And showing you and yours that breaking rules is fucking cool again."
by nirad September 26, 2011
To screw up. To ruin something that was formerly beautiful, especially in the field of design. Taken from the name of BMW's controversial designer Chris Bangle.
I really like the Bilbao, but I think Frank Gehry really bangled the Seattle EMP.
by Nirad December 03, 2003
Being brought back to life. Australian boffins were the first to successfully develop this technology with the creation of zombie dog.
"Did you hear about teh Hulk? He died (RIP, DSWHTH) but was later boffinized so he could star in his own reality show!"
by nirad August 18, 2005
Jill Biden.
Man, that Jill Biden is a S.L.I.L.F.
by nirad January 20, 2009
three posts in a row on a forum. each post must have actual content, not just random words. you must declare trifecta in a separate fourth post. Origin: awot
Cameron started asking some random questions. Nobody was around to stop him, and he got the trifecta.
by nirad March 08, 2005

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