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2 definitions by Nins


pronounced; "aub-sane"

alt.; obscanity, obscanities

A conjunction of the words obscene and insane, used predominatly by my "inner circle" to describe situations and events that are simply too outrageous and/or ridiculous to be described by any existing word in Webster's Dictionary. It is a word reserved ONLY for extrenuating circumstance.
1.) Did you see what that bitch was wearing?! Holy crap! Feathers & sequins?! That is so obscane!
by Nins December 05, 2006

A human recepticle for the "by-product" of fornication. Filthy, disgusting, and used by many. Beware of rats, maggots, and other parasites when depositing your load.
1.) Man, that Deidra chick is such a fuckin' cumdumpster! Boy have i got some trash for that little slut!
by Nins December 05, 2006