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A conversation that people talk to each other when they are high. (Usually occurs when on LSD and hash). The sentences of high talk make absolutly no sense to those who are not high, yet somehow makes sense to those who are high.
Example #1 of 'high talk"

Max(Not High) - "Where are we again?"

Lucy(High)answers- "It dosen't matter,I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together."

Jude(High) tells Lucy- "You're so right!That's right! And if nobody's everybody, then someone can be anybody, right?"

Example # 2

Bono(high)- "We're navigators, we're aviators, we're eatin' tators, masturbatin' alligators, bombardiers, we got no fears, we don't shed no tears, we're pushin' the frontiers... of transcendental perception."
by Nino E April 25, 2008
A term for a pair of round, firm, smooth, nice woman's breast.
Boobs , Breasts, Tits , Milkshake
Example # 1 - Hey Samantha, can I play with your fun bubbles? Please?

Example # 2 - Hey Laura, don't forget that your fun bubbles need to be checked out later!
by Nino E December 09, 2007
A type of spam which orders it's readers to spread it around. Commonly found in youtube, stupid kids actually obey what it tells them to do, thus resulting in more spam.
*You will die in 10 days if you do not copy and paste this on 30 other videos by then.

*Copy and paste this if self-sustaining spam was a waste of your time.

by Nino E July 10, 2008
Jagdeep(verb)- To screw up BIG TIME.
-To fall in deep shit.
- Being in big trouble.
-To Fail
This word comes from the word "Jag" meaning to mess up, and "deep" as in far into something.
Person # 1 - "Dude, I totally got an F on that Geometry test!"

#2- "What did you get? A 50%?"

#1- "No! A 10%!"

#2 - "You jagdeeped this time!"
by Nino E December 09, 2007

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