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During a run-of-the-mill gangbang, a women proceeds to lie down naked while the first gentleman takes a dump on her chest. The 2nd and 3rd men then ejaculate on the shit, followed by a 4th man taking a dump on the fresh jizz. The double-stuffed oreo is now complete and ready for consumption by the classy female.
Man #1: Did you hear about Lacey's bachlorette party? I heard her friends hired special entertainment.
Man #2: Yea I heard it got pretty crazy. The people they hired gave her a double-stuffed oreo. Gross.
by Ninjas of Love August 15, 2010
A girl getting simultaneously penetrated by two or more Chippendales dancers. This usually ends with ejaculation on either side of said girl's face.
Oh dear, I can't believe Sister Rose was videotaped getting Chips Ahoyed!
by Ninjas of Love August 15, 2010
Beginning this December, the annual celebration in Miami of LeBron James. Participants include the Miami Heat, their posse members, Cuban refugees, and old Jewish women. Everyone the proceeds to tweet, in the third-person, about their haters over delicious gefilte fish.
Bubby: "I'm so excited for LeBronukkah, I could kvell!"
Juan: "Ya granny, but I hear Delonte West ain't invited. I wonder why."
by Ninjas of Love August 31, 2010

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