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The horrifyingly undead version of the already deadly velociraptor with an even larger craving for flesh, nearly impossible to kill, and easily recognized by the overwhelming scent of rotting flesh and mammoth farts.

The only good thing about running into a zombie velociraptor, is that it will eat you slowly from foot to head. (but thats not good at all)

The only way to kill a zombie velociraptor was developed by Sir AhoyNateo during his studies in the land of BullShit.

He found the easiest way to kill a zombie velociraptor is with a flaming britany spears because they are highly flammable. nevermind bramble spear.
*Nate:* a flaming zombie running around sounds f$%king hilarious.

*Flaming Zombie Velociraptor:* rawr raor raor raor I'M ON FIRE, YO!
by Ninjaroxursox November 03, 2010
A game played with two players and a rubber ball hit against walls in a room.


The main objective to win is to get the most points by hitting the ball into a bucket in ten minutes.

Each shot is worth one point.

There is a medium sized triangle marked around the bucket so that if the ball is inside of that triangle no player may touch it.

A new serve is started when the ball is hit into the bucket or stops bouncing.

Both players in the game must be sitting at all times.

Turbo Rounds:

In the event of a tie at the end of ten minutes, a 'Turbo round' is played.

Turbo rounds consist of the last player to tie up the game going fist having one minute to get as many points as they can, then the other player does the same. Whoever has more points wins.

If they tie again they repeat the 'Turbo round' until a player wins.


If a player hits the ball into a small target on the opposite side of the court, they get two points.

If a player hits the ball and it hits at least 3 things (not the inside of the bucket) before it makes it in, they get two points.


full Smooshball matches can last several games long, but can end after any ten minute game.
Hey, wanna play smooshball?

sure. :)
by Ninjaroxursox May 08, 2010

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