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An ageing, peroxide blonde long hair with a penchant for snake skin boots and gold flecked flares, often found at children's parties casting dirty spells with his "magic wand".
Oh I say Calum that Pedo Wizard you had at little Timmy's birthday party didn't half get the kids in a frightful mess with all those sticky magic spells he cast all over them.
by Ninjaprints October 27, 2011
A collective of public transport using, suited, wheeled bag dragging imbeciles often found clogging up public transport networks just when you need to get to work.
Had to fucking slog my way through another massive twat pack getting here sugar flaps, hope your pleased with yourself.
by Ninjaprints October 27, 2011
A "Pickled Thomas" is the lesser known term for that special drinking buddy we all have that just cant keep pace in the race, often far exceeding their intake allowance whilst deluding themselves of their prowess in the field.
Oh dear I say look at that poor pickled thomas wretching her guts up out the back of that tent...
by Ninjaprints November 09, 2011

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