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A fish (salmon) shown on the popular British documentary 'Natures greatest events'. The fish viewed on this show produced a huge amount of semen which surrounded fellow female salmon causing a mass bukkake, hense the 'One Fish Bukkake'
Friend 1 - Dude did you see how much cum came out that fish?

Friend 2 - Yeah thats the one fish bukkake


Friend 1 - Dude i blew a huge load on that girls face earlier

Friend 2 - Just like the one fish bukkake
by NinjaFloydFan April 02, 2009
When you do the following

Pop a Ecstacy Pill

Pop a Viagra

And pop a womans Cherry
Friend 1 - Man i had some fun last night

Friend 2 - Yeah i heard you tripple popped that bitch

by NinjaFloydFan April 02, 2009

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