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A low quality napkins commonly found in fast food and low end restaurants
1: Dude these ribs are bomb
2: I know Ive gone through like ten crapkins already
#crap #napkinks #crapkins #ribs #fat
by ninjadinosaur October 24, 2008
A synonym for a person who is gay more commonly then not this term is used on men made with the common system for creating synonyms for gay by using a synonym for butt and an occupation such as butt pirate, rump ranger and back door cowboy.
1: Hey you know that guy Zak who plays french horn?
2: Isnt he a Hiney Miner ?
1: Yeah ... well not until recently but everybody saw it coming.
#gay #homosexual #mining #funny #zak #butt pirate #rump ranger #butt
by ninjadinosaur August 28, 2008
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