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A device with a striped down version of Android that is only useful if you install a different launcher and root its settings to your liking.

Its basicly a $200 Tablet with no camera or microphone, and with the layout amazon wants locked in. It also has about 2% of the apps that you could get from google play availible on its own appstore (you can't get anything from the google play website).

If you like having all the latest apps and being able to get updates at all, this is not the device for you!
Noob: Hey! I just got a kindle fire! And I'm gonna install minecraft pocket edition, skype, and the urban dictionary app!

Previous buyer: Do you know how to sideload or root?

Noob: what's that?

Previous buyer: well than good luck getting those apps!
by Ninja034 May 27, 2012

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