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A word defining ones house or hut, if you will. It is used to describe cosyness in a home or hut or living establishment.
"That is one sweet Huttly Mut"

"Your old lady is cooling in that dude's Huttly Mut"
by Ninja bladder November 01, 2004
A corny word used by older brothers who wan`t to sound cool. Maleese is also a well known football team as maleese F.C.
"I've just maleesed my pants"

"After getting ink on one's bag you say 'Shit maleese'"
by Ninja bladder November 01, 2004
A game based on the best game ever, but turned out like a small child born with no legs, even with all the hype in the world it couldn't help but drive it's face into the dirt like a plane with a mexican behind the wheel. It's usually used as a term to describe something that looks great but turns out to be crap
"Dude this thing's totally True Crime"

"Man that thing's just another True Crime"
by Ninja bladder November 01, 2004
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