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To be Zane'D is to make a phail and be corrected (To be corrected on a mispelled word) Originated in an IRC chat, when a user, called TDZane, made many spelling errors and was corrected constantly by his peers.
<NinjaPaper> Zan'd
<Zoey> *Zane'd
<NinjaPaper> got Zane'd on calling a Zane! (NinjaPaper mispelled "Zane'd" , so when Zoey corrected her, NinjaPaper "got zan'd". It is also posible for someone to "Zane" one's self, by correcting themselves.)
(To be) Zane'd (You got) Zane'd (I've been) Zane'd (I) zane (you) zane (He/She) zane (We) zane
by Ninja Paper September 27, 2007
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