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When nerds repeatedly suck the living fun and essence out of playstation 3 games for the sole purpose of collecting trophies.

Whilst it can be said that often the pursuit of obtaining various trophies can be both invigorating, challenging and fun, it could also be said that most trophy whores are funsuckers with nothing better to do in their penis lives.

Trophy Whores are often compared to Achievement Whores, male sluts who wish to sleep with Master Chief and get all the achievements in various games to get a super high gamerscore, a score which only total fags could care about.

However, Trophy Whores are superior to Achievement Whores in the fact that Trophy Whores had the common sense to purchase a PS3 home entertainment system over an Xbox 360 system which was only created for one game: Halo 3. Also known as Dick.
Caleb: Hey yo, I heard that you spent the last five hours playing Grand Theft Auto IV on your PS3 only to get the trophies.

Jason: So what if I'm a whore G? At least I know how to touch a woman. I'm no ordinary whore like you Achievement Bitch I'm a motherfraggin pwning 1337 haxor trophy whore.

Caleb: Damn man! All I was asking was if you got GTA! We cool, right? Cool like Guns 'N Roses?

Jason: Fuck it, ugly cocksucker you can go suck a big, fat, juicy master chief penis. I'll bet it's green like his armor.

Caleb: You suck trophy whore. You're so sexy and awesome and you have a PS3. Everyone should worship you now.
by Ninja J April 18, 2009
A made up word that can mean anything. No seriously, it originated from sailors (not pirates) that are totally pimp, and when someone asks, "Hey, what's up sailor?" in a weird voice, the reply would be "I'm docken." Which means it's going good.

It's sort of like how people say, "What's up, dawg?" and the reply is "Chillin'" or something like that. You can use it even if your ship isn't docked or anchored.

The coolest part about all of this is that you don't even have to be a sailor to use this word. Everyone can use it! Ninjas, Space Aliens, Illegal Aliens, Legal Aliens, Ninja Assassin's, Homies, Bros and even Super Mario!

Jason: Hey Erin, how's you day going?

Erin: It's docken. How about yours, you sick twisted sailor?

Jason: It's pretty dang freezin.

Erin: Wow, you've just used a term that's interchangeable with chill!

Jason: I believe I have. Since I am such a docken man, we shall proceed to sail, dancing and singing to the song I'm on a boat!

Erin: Oh yeah!


Dokken is the sailor version of chill, except you don't have to be a sailor to use it.
by Ninja J November 25, 2009
Something that only one person would know the definition to. Anybody else would simply be scrollin around Urbandictionary.com and click on random stuff and read the first defintion to this word and be like: "What... The... Fuck?" and then they'd go hump (or ump) a teddy bear or something because the word Detweiler's Paradox is so erotic.

Nobody knows what it means, they only use it because it'll make them sound really really nerdy and nerds always get the girls as it was shown in revenge of the nerds when the nerds were looking at cheerleader's boobs.

Moral of the story is that ninjas are cooler than pirates.
Jason: "According to Detweiler's Paradox, the internal link between bigfoot and pirates is that both bigfoot and pirates can fly! Eureka!!! My overly enlarged penis is celebrating!"

Erin: "Hey Jason, you ever try decaffeinated coffee? You probably need to lay off the monster too."

Jason: "Don't worry I got that phrase from the inner bowels of my butthole. Otherwise known as Urbandictionary.
by Ninja J January 02, 2009
a phrase in the song killing in the name by rage against the machine one of the most awesomest hard awesome erect bands in the universe. it's said 16 times and in the music vid the lead says it to a bouncer or a cop or a security dude like a bajillion times and then he calms down.

it's a seriously hardcore phrase, and most punk rocker peeps use the phrase every second of their life. practically.

also it's what you say when your teacher tells you to do something, or if you girlfriend suggests that you stop touching her cheek.

Mom: Hey, Caleb, take out the trash!
Caleb: Fuck you I won't do what you tell me!
Mom: Umm... okay....

Jacob: Excuse me, but would you mind closing your legs Shawn Johnson That smell of tuna is really getting to me.
Shawn Johnson: Fuck you I won't do what you tell me!"
Jacob: What the hell are you talking about? I just asked you to close your legs!

Jason: Hey Erin you're hawttt
Erin: Fuck you I won't do what you tell me!
Jason: That just makes perfect sense, anyway, i'm gonna touch your cheek.
by Ninja J December 27, 2008
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