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6 definitions by Ninja Emmett

Oh My Edward, an alternative for Oh My Carlisle, also known as OMC, or OMG. Edward refers to the inhumanly gorgeous Cullen vampire that is Bella's fiancée in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.
Usable as well as "Oh My Emmett" (also from Twilight.)
Rosalie: Alice, look at those shoes!!
Alice: OME, They're so CUTE!!
Edward: Hang on...That's me. O.O
by Ninja Emmett March 25, 2008
A made-up abbreviation that stands for "totally awesome fabulous bestest ever friend and so awesomeness!"
Alice: Bella, my best friend! How are you?
Bella: I'm not your best friend...I'm your tafbefasa!!
by Ninja Emmett March 30, 2008
I couldn't/can't remember.

Internet slang, usually a past tense for idr which is "I don't remember."
Person 1: What's your favorite song? someone asked me yesterday and icr!!

Person 2: It's "Its Just Me" by ETF
by Ninja Emmett January 07, 2010
Very horny colors
This notebook is full of poliphal words.
by Ninja Emmett August 04, 2009
Ideas for stories (fanfictions) that you can't get out of your head.
See plot bunny or plot bunnies
I woke up in the dead of the night with a start; the plunnies were streaming into my brain nonstop! I had to write...NOW!!!
by Ninja Emmett December 09, 2009
the way to spell a word
Monica you're obsessed with the correct spellification of words!
by Ninja Emmett December 08, 2009