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a white person who has no idea whats going on around him. associated with Cracker but not the same meaning. Plural Quackers
Let's go mug the f*ckin' Quacker over there
by Ninja Bunny December 06, 2008
a Muslim or Arab that jumped over the Northern Border of The United States Into Canada as soon as Bush Got elected.
May come back in 2010 after the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Plural Qazi. also Qazish (like a Qazi) Qazirific (awesomeness in Qazi form) and Qazimoto ( a VERY LARGE group of Qazis)
any brown person in Calgary is usually a Qazi
Person A: D*mn Qazis coming here and stealing our jobs
Person B: You want to drive a Taxi?
by Ninja Bunny December 06, 2008

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