19 definitions by Ninja

a bender fender who plays for DVA
he thinks he hard but hes not
Fa Shizzle Ma Nizzle Its Rizzle Quick Keizzle Shot The Fizzle Mizzle
by NINJA March 06, 2005
a cleaner, funnier form of "motha-fucka". used by the Psychopathic artists.
My money mutha-fackos!
by ninja September 18, 2003
A person that's fake or corny, not exactly edible.
Dude.. you is such a cheeseball.
by ninja August 16, 2003
A hell demon that was banished from hell for distrupting the apocalypse.
Previously known as Knives, the X was added by Diablo as a mark for his betrayal and so banishing him forever from the demon race.
XKnives brought uppon to cyclone of powers the rage of fire and blade named "Avatar of Hatred" and tilted the balance, destroying the gates to the mortal world, for all eternity.
by Ninja March 04, 2005
ryse is a ninja who doesnt show emotion
Ryse knows the way of the ninja
by Ninja August 30, 2004
the art of de africanizing yourself or another foreigner from the wild tundra of africa
jonny dies. roxy eats cheese. howie is a hamburger
by ninja March 30, 2003
XKnives the combination of an X ( unkown, unpredictable, l337) and Knives, that are simply and definetly sharper then you are and therefor cooler.
XKnives killed you coz he's a Ninja!
by Ninja March 04, 2005

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