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A show that was once cool but is now a mere shadow of its former self. Too few metal videos, man...
If they show that godawful Zakk Wylde video again, I'm going to scream.
by Ninja Disaster July 02, 2003
Proof that the United States government has no right whatsoever to take any kind of moral stance on middle eastern affairs, especially where human rights are involved. Prisoner abuse at the hands of American soldiers has been going on for years - as said so by Rummy Don himself - and the government did next to nothing to stop it. And when The Shrub and his monkeys got caught with their pants down, they didn't even have the humility to apologize and admit their failures until Rummy Don was called in to testify in front of Congress for being a witless fuckup.

But every cloud has a silver lining. In this case, The Shrub's re-election prospects aren't looking too positive and Old Man Rummy may get the boot. Now that's something I can drink to.
Condemn Saddam for torturing and dehumanizing his people, but get caught on film laughing it up while doing the exact same thing? Great idea, dumbass.
by Ninja Disaster May 07, 2004
Windows 2000 after a facelift. The Professional variant is a decent, robust OS with very few nagging points (provided that you disable all of the extraneous garbage and useless services). The Home Edition variant, however, is crippleware aimed solely at the computer illiterate soccor mom who couldn't tell a mouse from her studded leather dildo; contrary to popular belief, it is crash-prone and becomes very unstable when running more than 2 applications at once. It's "Luna" theme, by the way, is a laughable ripoff of Apple's "Aqua" design theme that is nowhere near being as elegant and intuitive.

I don't like Macs very much, but I'd take OSX's svelt brushed metal and blue orb design over Windows XP's clunky blue-and-red coloring book design ANY day.
Windows XP Professional - A worthy successor of Windows 2000
Windows XP Home Edition - Dumbed-down bullshit OS that puts the Win2K kernel to shame. Is only marginally more stable than Windows ME, and just as worthless.
by Ninja Disaster July 08, 2003
See: Iraq
Bush: The new Iraqi government is 100% legit. In no way does my corrupt administration control it behind the scenes. No sir! And Saddam's trial isn't a front designed to give the impression of Iraqi sovereignty! Not at all!

by Ninja Disaster July 02, 2004
The Real World's bastard step-brother. Only half as entertaining, but just as worthless.
by Ninja Disaster July 18, 2003
1.) An ongoing experiment that the United States has thus far failed at spectacularly. The process of forcing your own brand of "democracy" down the throats of the "liberated" whether they like it or not (see: Iraq).

2.) A 200 billion USD blunder (again, see: Iraq)

3.) The instigaton of nationwide anarchy (except of couse in Kabul) and the method by which a puppet government is put into "power" and left to deal with the mess brought on by its "liberators" for decades to come (see: Afghanistan).

4.) Something used by politicians to garner more votes from the fringe right (see: George W. Bush, GOP, NRA, Halliburton).
You're not God, Dubya. Stop pretending.
by Ninja Disaster September 21, 2004
Computer Assisted Passenger Pre-screening System. AKA: "Big Brother"; it allows the government to have access to your personal information so they can run an extensive background check on you whenever you book a flight. Welcome to 1984, folks.

See also: The terrorists have won.
Whoever thought this bullshit system up should be branded a traitor and "capped".
by Ninja Disaster August 27, 2003

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