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What the Bush Administration is trying its best to eradicate.
TIA, CAPPS, CAPP II, The Patiot Act, The Patriot Act II... What next? Making slavery legal again?
by Ninja Disaster August 28, 2003
Alice in Chains was an excellent hard rock band that came out of Seattle in the early 1990's. Although thought of as a grunge band due to local acts such as Nirvana and Soundgarden breaking into the mainstream around the same time of their second album release, their only musical tie to the genre was their dark and depressing subject matter.

In addition to the dark subject matter, their music also featured gritty vocals courtesy of frontman Layne Staley, amazing guitar riffs by virtuoso Jerry Cantrell, and slick drum work by Sean Kinney. Their bassist, Mike Inez, however was horrible beyond words.

Past albums include "Jar of Flies", their magnum opus "Dirt", and the self-titled "Alice in Chains".

The band unfortunately broke up due to internal strife and the unfortunate death of Layne Staley in April of 2002. The world would've been a much better place had there been at least one more AiC record to listen to...

A compilation album is available for anyone wishing to get acquainted with this influential band.
Alice in Chains is hands down one of the best rock bands to ever exist.
by Ninja Disaster September 19, 2004
1.) One who considers turning left a sport.
2.) One who consumes Pabst Blue Ribbon while watching aforementioned "sport".
3.) One who has never heard of WRC, or otherwise cannot comprehend the sheer magnitude of WRC's inherent superiority over NASCAR.
4.) One who fails to realize that the automotive world is far bigger than just Ford, GM, and Daimler-Chrysler.
5.) One who takes offense when Dale Earnhardt Jr. is exposed as a media-whoring redneck bastard with no talent.
6.) One who may possibly have been or is currently in a sexual relationship with a blood relative.
7.) One who should be murdered on-sight, preferrably with a blunt object salvaged from a Toyota parts bin.
Shut up, NASCAR Fan, before I say something really mean.
by Ninja Disaster March 05, 2005
If you're referring to the old version of the show, then yes, Ren and Stimpy is great. If you're talking about the new version airing on TNN, however, then I'll have to disagree. The new episodes aren't funny at all. They're just stupid and disgusting.

by Ninja Disaster July 02, 2003
The perfect oportunity for a bored housewife to buy a ton of useless shit on her husband's credit card.
$300 for a solar-powered toothbrush with a built-in hedge trimmer. I'll buy it!!
by Ninja Disaster June 19, 2003
1.) Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. A computer expert who really isn't.

2.) The clown college diploma of the IT world.
"I am a computar expert because I am an MCSE! This Lunix computar is broken! The Start button is missing!"
by Ninja Disaster August 27, 2003
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