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1.) Delicious, inexpensive noodle soup good for either a light snack or a meal. Goes great with those pre-cooked strips of chicken or beef you can buy at the supermarket. Tastes like shit if overcooked, though.

2.) Inexpensive noodle soup eaten by the Wapanese only because it comes from Japan. They don't actually like ramen at all. They just like the fact that they don't have to import the shit. Not to be confused with normal people who eat ramen because they actually like the taste and/or are too poor to afford anything else.
1.) "This stuff may be cheap, but it's actually good. Beef and Pork ramen are my favorites flavors."

2.) "Kawaii desu!! Pork ramen!! Oh thank Kami-sama, since I don't have to import this from Japan, I can order another box of Cucumber and Teriyaki-flavor pocky! Uh-oh, Sailor Moon is about to start! Ikuhayo~~!! ^_^ LoLooLllLOlOloLo!o11!11!!"
by Ninja Disaster August 25, 2003
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act; The law that Corporate America uses to stifle innovation and competition; the result of the RIAA's and MPAA's lobbying powers; the end of Fair Use laws.

Way to go, Clinton. Please to be dying kthnx.
by Ninja Disaster July 04, 2003
One who follows the "neo-con" subsect of the American conservative political wing. A Neo Conservative generally favors hawkish foreign agendas and overt militarization due to their core purpose of promoting American supremacy overseas and their disgustingly retarded and simplistic belief that any given situation can be resolved with aggression (see: Iraq). Due to their unabashed shortsightedness, they are considered ignorant buffoons by other conservatives. Especially so by the paleoconservatives.

When it comes to domestic affairs, however, Neo Conservatives aren't nearly as decisive. In fact, they're totally impotent and ineffectual.

Gee, I guess that's why our economy is in the shitter and the rest of the world hates us... We have a neo-conservative dickhead in the White House.
by Ninja Disaster August 30, 2003
H-O-W-E-R-D-E-L, and yesh, he's pretty talented. Maynard's vocals are pretty fucking sweet as well. A shame about Paz leaving the band, though... She was hot. And it's not fair to compare APC with Tool. That's like comparing the Beetles to Anthrax.
Thirteenth Step, the new APC record, is pretty fucking awesome. My favorite track is "Gravity".
by Ninja Disaster September 14, 2003
World Rally Championship. Not only is it more eciting than NASCAR, but the cars actually turn right.
WRC is better than NASCAR ever will be. That is irrefutable fact.
by Ninja Disaster July 08, 2004
See: manual transmission. The only real way to drive a car, especially if it's rear-wheel drive.
Look at that stupid ricer in his "mad phat" Honda Civic. I bet he doesn't even know how to drive stick shift.
by Ninja Disaster July 31, 2004
An excellent car that people bad mouth because they couldn't keep up with one in their shitty mullet-powered Ford Mustangs.
I love American cars very much, but damnit, that Mazda RX-8 is sweet as hell. I wouldn't trade a Camaro for one, but still...
by Ninja Disaster October 29, 2003

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