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A person or animal (a consumer, in the ecological sense) which oms and noms. An omnomnivore can be an omnivore, a carnivore, or an herbivore, as long as it oms and/or noms.
"Are you hungry?"
"Of course I'm hungry. I'm an omnomnivore."
"om nom nom nom nom"
by NineLeggedDog August 04, 2009
A person who tried Twitter, decided it is not worth his or her time, and quit.
"Are you on Twitter?"

"No, I'm a qwitter. Got tired of reading song lyrics and updates on how depressed my friends are."
by NineLeggedDog July 13, 2009
When a tragic or insightful life experience causes a writer to think "I could write about this," and subsequently "That's awful/narcissistic. Why would I think that?" It seems that the whole thought process should invalidate the experience's potential as writing fodder but can instead make for a nice modernist moment in which the author's role is explicitly recognized.
MOTHER: "Maurice died."
WRITER: "Oh, that's terrible."
WRITER'S BRAIN: (What luck! My strange and unique relationship with this person will make for a compelling chapter in my yet-to-be-written memoir!)
WRITER'S HEART: (You are a bastard.)
WRITER'S BRAIN: (I know. What a memoir moment.)
WRITER'S BALLS: (Write about it anyway.)
MOTHER: "Have you been taking your medication?"
WRITER: "Huh?"
by NineLeggedDog May 13, 2009
A drink consisting of orange juice and hot cocoa powder (or orange juice and hot cocoa). Served cold.
I drank an Orange Dacky and I saw God.
by NineLeggedDog March 07, 2010

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