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The One you run too when your down and out and need help, but the same One you forget when things are going right. The One you ask to give you things you don't work at to get yourself then if its not on your time or the way you wanted it you denounce His existence. The one you blame for your mistakes or anything bad thats ever happened to you when you don't want to accept responsibility or even try to figure a way out, so you then waste your life sobbing and crying about a past issue when your future deteriorates because you dwell on it. The only one that will never leave you or forsake you regardless of your sin because he still Loves you and is simply waiting for you to come home. The only one who shows himself to you through people and events that happen to you when you KNOW it couldn't have been a coincidence. The one that comforts you through his words without even showing you his face but when you seek his face he still shows himself to you. The truth, the answer, peace happiness and success. GOD.
Why did that baby live when the doctors said he would die in the womb? GOD
by NinaTa October 29, 2008

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