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3 definitions by Nina Rees

A small pouch one attaches to their gooch to keep their change and keys in.
Little Harry never forgot his lunch money because he always kept it in his gooch bag.
by Nina Rees June 14, 2008
17 8

noun - 1. an invisible and often malevolent entity that can only originate from the human rectum; the common fart generally lies dormant until the host expels it.

verb - 1. to forcefully expel or passively allow a unit of gaseous particles from one's rectum.
aka, "blasting the butt trumpet"
"Dude did you just smoke anus?"
by Nina Rees June 14, 2008
8 2
Refering to a loose vagina with large outer flaps of skin. Often used to refer to a older womans or tarty womens genitals.
Matt "So how's Roslyn's pussy rate?"
Paulie "Pussy?!?! More like fucking Meat Hang mate!"
by Nina Rees June 14, 2008
14 11