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Furry round the edges, shiny in the middle: a generally bizare and creepy individual.
Note the furry exterior and shiny interior. After thorough examination we can conclude this specimen is indeed a 'super creep'.
by Nina O'Grongle June 19, 2008
Lone female singing/playing in a band of males responsible for writing lyrics, making tea and generally running the band as well as solving other band members personal problems.
Patience had successfully cured the drummer from his morbid obsession with his ex and found a bus pass for the lead guitar as well as set a gig for the group. But she had yet to remember how many sugars everyone took in their tea and was beginning to wonder if she'd ever make it as a real Band Mama!
by Nina O'Grongle July 10, 2008
Like Band Mama this is a lone female working with a group of male musicians doing everything from making tea, writing music, scheduling digs but unlike Band Mama get's treated like brainlessbimbo.
Oy band bitch you're not writing a book this is meant to be a pop song, duh. And while we're at it, why haven't you found Rodriguez?He's been lost for at least 1 hour!
by Nina O'Grongle July 10, 2008

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