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its like the girl sierra refreshing, good,and sexy like the curves on the bottle and like bein in bed wif her
damn, that girl sierra so sexy she look like a 20 oz sierra mist bottle.
by nina March 27, 2005
Telling someone to stop something while you have a mouthfull of food or coffee.
Gib Ober ya cretinous foo'
by Nina August 05, 2004
the 2 flavors (usually chocolate and vanilla) in a plastic cup with a paper lid on top of it. Most people eat them in the summer or with birthday cake.
MOM: Okay, Jonny, now you can have cake for dessert or you can have a dixie cup.
JONNY: I'll have a dixie cup.
by Nina March 03, 2005
the "well you know" area... ex. penis... vagina...and anus
Girl #1: So how was ur date?
Girl #2: Really good... his basement is huge
by Nina March 06, 2005
a little feminine notebook with names of friends - potential sex partners - and their measures
I gotta look in my dicktionary to find a date for tonight...I will check under letter P.
by Nina March 15, 2005
Girl who gives head to guys and makes them feel good while theyre drinking.
Brittany is a slusser!
by Nina November 08, 2004
short for 'have a good day'.
replaces good day.
"thanks! and have a goodie!"
by nina November 16, 2004

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