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39 definitions by Nina

another word for bang, or if you want to be blunt..fuck.

derived from the word fiesty.
damn that guy is so hot, i'm going to fiest him on the spot!
by Nina October 13, 2004
An affirmative expression.
"Did you bring the apples?" I asked.
"Yeast," She said, nodding.
by Nina February 17, 2003
Telling someone to stop something while you have a mouthfull of food or coffee.
Gib Ober ya cretinous foo'
by Nina August 05, 2004
a little feminine notebook with names of friends - potential sex partners - and their measures
I gotta look in my dicktionary to find a date for tonight...I will check under letter P.
by Nina March 15, 2005
the "well you know" area... ex. penis... vagina...and anus
Girl #1: So how was ur date?
Girl #2: Really good... his basement is huge
by Nina March 06, 2005
Girl who gives head to guys and makes them feel good while theyre drinking.
Brittany is a slusser!
by Nina November 08, 2004
screen play actor in hollywood. due to his bad acting the words "Matt Damon" and to be used as a derogratery term.
"OH i pulled a Matt Damon"

"man, that movie was soooo Matt Damon"
by Nina April 18, 2005