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39 definitions by Nina

a remarkable friendship between two individuals (ie: Nina and Lyndz). a bond closer then a friend, best friend, or a sister.
Nina and Lyndz will be Twinnages forever.
by Nina March 05, 2004
an old english acronym for

written down by police when they caught people having sexual intercourse in public. now just means to have sexual intercourse
Girl-I'm a virgin.
Guy-So you don't fuck?
Girl-Not yet!
by Nina November 09, 2006
Parents think we shouldn't be able to wear them to school...they are wrong because they mean different thinks at school rather than out in the world besides school...so if we want to wear them let us...because some of us hate how you make us take them off when we go to school...well, not me...I am going to wear them to school whether you let me or not...

This is what they mean to us kids these days at school:
Black- Goth/punk
Purple- virgin
Red- single
Blue- bad girl
Yellow- kiss
Orange- make out
Green- hug
Pink- no meaning
White- flash
Clear- no meaning
This girl at my school is goth/punk and so she wears all black every day of her life. So one day she decides to walks by me. When she does walk by me, she is wearing about thirty jelly bracelets. They are black ones and so they mean that she is a goth/punk which she already is.
by nina January 01, 2005
its like the girl sierra refreshing, good,and sexy like the curves on the bottle and like bein in bed wif her
damn, that girl sierra so sexy she look like a 20 oz sierra mist bottle.
by nina March 27, 2005
a person who is so fat that they couldnt see there puss.
oohh i saw that beast in da mall her fat was poppin out her shirt.
by nina March 27, 2005
Being extremely addicted to the band Hoobastank.
There is no cure for this disease. No drug, therapy or 12 step program. I crave it, I need it, desire it more than anything else... I live and breathe it....I am a hoobaholic.
by Nina May 03, 2004
the 2 flavors (usually chocolate and vanilla) in a plastic cup with a paper lid on top of it. Most people eat them in the summer or with birthday cake.
MOM: Okay, Jonny, now you can have cake for dessert or you can have a dixie cup.
JONNY: I'll have a dixie cup.
by Nina March 03, 2005