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4 definitions by Nin10Joe

A state of exhilaration that surpasses lophee, but that has yet to reach the magnitude of hyphee.
The advance screening of March of the Penguins 2 was straight mediocrephee!
by Nin10Joe January 04, 2006
Verb. To be devoured completely and wholly. Its origins emanate from the juxtoposing audible sound emitted from an individual who is in the midst of a bountiful feast.
Damn, that beezy just scompched up those hamhocks like nothin'!
by Nin10Joe January 03, 2006
A state of being that only reaches a modicum of sensation attained in the state of lophee. This is normaly indicative to being in or around an expectedly exhilarative, but disappointingly lackluster, atmosphere.
Damn dawg, they is hella dudes up in this line for the club! I'm fin to cut. It's gonna be belophee in there. Belophee indeed.
by Nin10Joe February 11, 2006
A subdued, feeble state of hyphee.
The crowd got lophee as the competitor reached twosies in an intense game of jacks.
by Nin10Joe January 04, 2006