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Nim is one of the rarest of beings. Half Charonte, half Leimaxion,

Character from Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark Hunter series

Designation: Slug Demon

he attached himself to Jared after Jared saved his life. Quick and deadly to the extreme, Nim is also extremely shy and withdrawn. There are those who say he was once enslaved and severely abused by his owner. Others say it was other demons who used him to bait their enemies and refused to help him until he was on the brink of death. Whatever the truth, he prefers to avoid all demonikyn and stays with Jared even though Jared keeps trying to set him free.
real name is Nimrod but nick name is Nim or Nim Demon

Motto: Do unto others and run like hell

1. Touch my bunny and I will eat your entrails.

2. I'll eat anything with ketchup.

3. I like trying to help Jared even when he tells me he doesn't need it.

4. I don't understand this what is this weight thing? Is that like when Jared tells me he'll be back and I have weight until he returns?

5. My height varies cause sometimes ceilings get low and I don't like when they mess up my hair. Ceiling hair is kind of gross.

6. I live in the 7th level of hell. Really.

7. I play lots of video games and collecting manga and trading cards.

8. I don't wear shoes, I wear boots.

9. I think I like these Teddy Scares. They keep my bunny happy.

10. Simi still scares me, but I don't think she's going to eat me.
by Nim demon May 29, 2011

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