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The act of ejaculating on a woman's neck, preferably a woman who has alot of fat flabby skin, similar to a turkey.
That old wrinkly hag didn't deserve a facial, so I gave her a Jizz Gizzard instead.
by Nilknarf Den January 30, 2006
A narty is a tiny shriveled penis that is incapable of performing sex due to its miniscule size.
Sweeney said he was coming from the pool, but I bet it's just because he has a narty.
by Nilknarf Den December 11, 2005
A complex sexual procedure that involves 21 men and 1 woman. It goes as follows:
2 cocks in the ass
2 cocks in the pussy
2 cocks between the titties
2 cocks in the mouth
1 cock in each ear
1 cock in each eye socket
1 cock in each nostril
1 cock in each hand
1 cock in each foot
1 cock in each armpit
and finally...1 cock in the navel(belly button)
Count em all up...and thats 21 cocks. Blackjack is probabaly physically impossible, but its worth a try if you and your 20 buddies are bored one day and wanna try it out on some sick twisted bitch.
Sophie gathered 21 guys and recorded the first successful blackjack in history!
by Nilknarf Den January 17, 2006
abbreviation for Mother-Fucking-Killer
Holy shit that crazy columbian MFK just threw that white boy into a brick wall!
by Nilknarf Den January 01, 2006
An enormous penis...no relation to the large sandwich

My fat girlfriend finished off a hoagie by herself, then she had a bit of my hoagie.
by Nilknarf Den January 12, 2006
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