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The Church of the one true religion. The acolytes of the Church of Tetris (CoT) believes that all should receive the joy that Tetris brings. Their core beliefs include helping others to understand and share in the glory of Tetris, as well as abstaining from "False idols".

(Quoted from The Church of Tetris homepage.)
"The Church of Tetris is founded on the belief that all people should receive the glory of Tetris. Those who know of the Glory shall have peaceful lives filled with wonderful things. Those without Tetris shall continue on as all humans do. And those who oppose Tetris shall be crushed in a rain of blocks from on high."

The CoT has even sanctioned a prayer to be uttered whenever worshipping the one true Tetris.
"You can worship Tetris anywhere you can take an electronic device. We at The Church of Tetris have even sanctioned a prayer, which we recommend you speak aloud before worshipping the great Tetris:"

Oh, Tetris, thy Glory great,
Give us today our daily blocks,
So that we may clear them.
And give us strength,
Through our gaps and mistakes,
To obtain a tetris.
by Nile the Buizel November 04, 2010
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