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23 definitions by Nikthenyetminder

To consume the marijuana with a bong made from a used bottle of Grey Goose vodka. Also known as talking to the goose.
"Ya'all best come up to Billy's house and fly the goose with us. You're gonna miss some good smoke."
by nikthenyetminder November 17, 2004
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A feeling, the pain you get when you do not win. A substantial loss, or failure to complete a task.
"I know we cannot win Ohio despite the provisional ballots"
by Nikthenyetminder November 17, 2004
5 5
Something that is positive. Cool, neat, or sweet, as they say.
Man, look at that guy's Camaro, that's gangsta!
by Nikthenyetminder February 13, 2005
14 22
The "three biggest lies" that are frequently made are: This will only hurt for a little while, I'll only put the head of it in, I promise I'll never try to cum in your mouth.
He got him a cell with a pervert, the pervert tried to crawl in his bed, he proceeded to tell him the three biggest lies, and thse are the words that he said, "Good buddy This will only hurt for a little while, I'll only put the head of it in, I promise I'll never try to cum in your mouth."
by nikthenyetminder January 29, 2005
39 50
The imaginary police or enforcement group made up of imaginary african americans, who are feared by any white person trying to dance, or else behave black (see wigger).
Tim McGraw sang with Nelly, and he is appearing on the Country Music awards wearing Fubu, if he raises the roof, the soul patrol will be all over him!
by nikthenyetminder January 15, 2005
14 26
A large group of african americans.
Hid your hubcaps, Donnie, the soul patrol is coming!
by nikthenyetminder January 15, 2005
24 37
A has-been pop singer who gets worse with every song she has put out. I will give her props, her and her husband supposedly write their songs, that's refreshing. However, it would be much more meaningful if the songs were any good. Any Man Of Mine? It was the "redneck woman" of the mid-90's. But what happened after that? Downhill all the way! You should burn this new record. Billy Carrington totally outsings her on the best sounding song she has put out in years.
I heard Shania Twain sing that new song called "Don't" and I finally realize she has lost it.
by nikthenyetminder January 27, 2005
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