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To perform an action or partake in an activity that will totally discredit you and nullify any chance of personal advancement.
"Going into the room alone with a guest at a hotel is career suicide. Just ask Kobe's alleged victim. Do you notice the day after the accusations spread they said 'former' hotel worker?"
by nikthenyetminder November 18, 2004
Stands for rolling on the floor laughing my fucking ass off. Also known as post '04 election syndrome.
Everytime I think of that guy outside the Columbus, Ohio Victory '04 Bush tour stop, I'm ROTFLMFAO at how he kept chanting "Four more days."
by Nikthenyetminder November 17, 2004
A van used for having sexual intercourse in the back. A term personified by the great pizza delivery driver, Gary Burgess.
"I can rarely pick up any chicks driving this shag wagon, but it sure has its perks when I do!"
by nikthenyetminder November 18, 2004
To earn a one-sided victory over you opposition in a sport or game.
The Schoolhouse Rockers always crush against the Mighty Mutts Hockey Club.
by Nikthenyetminder February 13, 2005
Pizza Hut is the best chain pizza store, and is #1 in the industry. They have a knack for doing away with the best types of pizza they have (the sicilain, the Chicago dish). I used to work there.
One time while working at pizza hut I watched a coworker bleed into the pizza sauce.
by nikthenyetminder February 21, 2005
An exclamation called out by the most blackest of black homie G doggs.
Man #1: "Sheeeit, man."
Man #2: "Cheap motherfuck, man."
by nikthenyetminder January 15, 2005
To consume the marijuana with a bong made from a used bottle of Grey Goose vodka. Also known as talking to the goose.
"Ya'all best come up to Billy's house and fly the goose with us. You're gonna miss some good smoke."
by nikthenyetminder November 17, 2004
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