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Home of friendly people and good hockey players. Everyone I have met from Finland has been cool. The country is actually pronounced in Finnish Suomi (god I hope I spelled that right).
What's the closest thing to a fish's asshole? A Fin! (Told to me by a fellow from Finland!)
by nikthenyetminder January 29, 2005
That guy with the unique "higher" voice from Bone Thugs N Harmony.
"Bizzy Bone is the one that did the first minute and a half of Down '71 The Getaway."
by Nikthenyetminder November 17, 2004
One of the most influential and recognizable pro wrestlers of all time. The Joe Montana of wrestling.
You better say your prayers and eat your vitamins, brother!
by nikthenyetminder January 15, 2005
A true musical talent who does traditional country and heavy metal sometimes in the same concert. Also the bass player for Superjoint Ritual. Hank III is the grandson of Hank Williams and the son of Hank Williams Jr.
"Alright my name's Hank Willaims the Third and this is the damn band, and we don't really appriciate the radio stations not playin' guys like Wayne Hancock or Dale Watson or Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys or Johnny Dilks or on and on and on, the guys who are really trying to preserve country music of today. They just don't know what the fuck is goin' on and one day they will come around I'll tell ya."
by nikthenyetminder November 18, 2004
1) An expression to show suprise or exclamation.

2) To smoke the reefer in a church
1) Holy Smokes! That's Cheyanne Silver in that porno.

2) You dogg, won't you come up in here and have ya some holy smokes wit ya brotha?
by nikthenyetminder December 16, 2004
The act of mass murdering a race who you feel are inferior to you. See also Genetic Cleansing
Hitler might tell you that his concentration camps were there for the purpose of Ethnic Cleansing.
by nikthenyetminder December 16, 2004
A true artist in the realm of music. Steve Earle is difficult to define, is he rock, country, folk, contemporary, political, or even bluegrass? He's famous for the country hits Copperhead Road, and Guitar town, but he's put Nirvana's Breed on an album, he's done a record with the Del McCoury band, made controversy by making songs like John Walker's Blues, and even toured solo acoustic a time or two. Check out his website and his music.
Steve, you may be a democrat, but we still love you.
by nikthenyetminder January 15, 2005
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