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3 definitions by Nikolai Yewrev

The bronx of victoria along with footscray and box hill. Good if you want drugs, guns or any weapon for that fact. Even better if you want the best pork roll you've tasted.
Bronx, Footscray, Box Hill, Cabramatta, Springvale
by Nikolai Yewrev July 15, 2006
If dicks is a word of frustration out of something unfortunate - dixcore is the very core element of that dicks. The being of gayshit, the penultimate fucked up shit.
Book falling out of locker = dicks

Every book you own plus papers, bag, soccer, ball, porno, diary, ipod, ms kantor and 2 year old edition of The Giver = Dixcore
by Nikolai Yewrev August 03, 2006
TKY is the source, essence and spirit within anything that is good in the universe.

Some examples of TKY :
- Scoring a hat-trick in soccer by only using backheels.
- Passing a ball to a friend of an impossibly hard reboundind object
- Any successful rebound
- Cheating on a test and not getting caught
- Being extremely passionate towards something you belive in e.g Socceroos
- Dick Tricks
- Drinking your body weight in alcohol and still fooling your parents your sober
- Bagging the shit out of someone
- Taking videos during class
- Putting your socks on both feet at once
- Being able to dance in time with a strobe light
- Sweet talking a teacher
- Sweet talking a deaf girl
- Sweet talking a man

Basically any form of skill, luck, or success that comes by taking a risk. Furthermore TKY can be expressed by passion and love for something - an example is by breaking someones tap and shooting water 20ms into the air because your favoured sporting team lost.

So my friends T.K.Y
Verwey, Torts, Ky, Wilks, Colaz, Scandizzo, Artin, Naza, Mena, Alain, Cooper, Fredda, Dippa, Unwin, Babz, Bonacci, Pinto, Lanky( i had to ), Gareth, Boogs, Bruce, Yousef, Jack, Pat, Fujjjj, Mr Jenkinson, Mr Coghlan, Mr Rolfe( maybe) ... TKY my brothers
by Nikolai Yewrev July 11, 2006