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(noun) race of reptilian Centaurs, known for their treachery, enthusiasm for warfare and casual attitude to the truth. There are only twenty-three of them left.
"Why are the provinces in open revolt?"

"We saw a Moridani out there a few days ago, stirring things up."

"Oh, crap."
by nikolai November 23, 2003
1.(N) An upper rank agent for the Redstar Forces Resistance of Worldly Affairs Allianced Russia.
The newly graduated Redstar Agent walked smoothly through the snowed-in streets of Taken Denmark.
by Nikolai September 06, 2003
1.(n) A lower rank guard of the Redstar Resistance, usually volunteered or newly drafted.
The Redstar Guard stood perfectly still while guarding the Air Resistance Base of Russia as Nikolai,the best Redstar Agent Redstar Forces had ever seen, ran through the gates for air transport to Chicago, America.
by Nikolai September 06, 2003
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